Howdy BrewBoarders

Spring is here. The sun is shining. The pubs are open again. Kegs are heading out the door once more. Happy, happy days.

So, as we all emerge from what will surely be the final lockdown, it is time to kick-on. We have big plans, including improvements to our existent brewery taproom, and an additional Cambridge bar for which we’ve decided to Crowdfund. Upon raising £30,000, these projects will get underway and provide two great establishments for you to meet, eat, dance, and enjoy an ever-rotating selection of seasonals and specials on the taps for our incredible and growing community.

So take a look at our page and video explaining what’s what, and through our list of BrewBoard Crowdfunder Rewards, secure the ones that grab you, and before you know it, not only will you have played your part in great BrewBoard things to come, you’ll also have an exclusive BrewBoard offer or two heading your way as well…

Sound like a win-win for all concerned kind of a plan? Yep. It is!

Peace, love and progress, people.